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Iran’s rich culture, history, architecture and its unique natural sceneries and wildlife motivated us to establish this company to represent the beauties of Iran to the world; especially that the unique climatic conditions of Iran has turned it into a destination for all four seasons. In our amazing tour, we invited you to travel through Iran; discovering the modern side of Iranian metropolis in Tehran, the wonderful Qazvin's caravanserais, the fascinating Katal Khore cave of Zanjan and explore the wealth of Tabriz's history and culture.

Cultural Tours of Iran

An enigmatic country like Iran has its root deep into its custom, culture, history and religion. Every corner of Iran is so full of beautiful nature, exquisite architecture and ancient history that you may have a hard time deciding where to go. Tours are a great way to discover the country from those who know it best and we plan special cultural tours for you.


About the whole route:

The major stages that are the most precious places like Tehran, Qazvin, Zanjan, and the magnificent Tabriz.

Iran is a country so vast and vast, to visit all that it is necessary that you have more than 30 days to spend there. Here, we want to talk about the less known cities but so important and really beautiful. This tour starts with Tehran, after Qazvin, so it's Zanjān and then it's the old wonderful city of Tabriz.


Day 1: Arrive Tehran, visit it

Based on your arrival time, our national guide will come to the airport to transfer you to your hotel. In the morning, we begin our visit by visiting The Golestan Palace. This is one of the best places in Iran that consist of the emased Shamsol, the Royal Museum, The Takht-e Marmar Hall. This complex was built in the days of the Safavid dynasty, after rebuilt and used in the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. After visiting it we will have lunch.

brilliant golestan palace

Continuing our day, we will take a tour of The National Museum of Jewelry which is owned by the Central Bank and is home to the most precious jewels belonging to different eras of the Iranian monarchy, such as the crowns of the Pahlavi, Qajar and Safavid dynasties. Then we go to the hotel to stay and spend the night there.

stunning jewelry museum


Day 2: Visiting Tehran

Our second day will start by visiting The  Niavaran Complex. It is an architectural complex consisting of several palaces and a museum. Sahebqaraniyeh Palace and Ahmad Shah's Palace are also located in this complex. The whole place is really dazzling. After, we will have lunch.

niavaran historical cultural complex

The next place to visit is The Sa'ad Abad Complex. This state was a summer house for the royal family since the Qajar dynasty. The complex consists of an extravagant 54-room White Palace and a classic Green Palace, as well as a fine art museum, royal vehicle exhibition and royal costume exhibition.

museum complex in tehran

So for our last day in Tehran, our travel agency will have a surprise for you! We will spend the night in Tehran.


Day 3: Departure to Qazvin, visit

We will start our day by departure to Qazvin, an old and beautiful city. The first place is Aminiha Hoseiniyeh. A wealthy merchant built this building in 1773 in Qajar Dynasty, it has a pleasant courtyard garden with a shimmering interior and glass windows.

beautiful hosseiniyeh of qazvin

After we will go to lunch. Then we will visit Sa'd-al Saltaneh Caravanserai. It's the Qazvin's design center these days, and houses independent artists with exquisite wares as well as galleries, cafes, and its quiet and hidden courtyard is perfect for relaxation.

amazing caravanserai of qazvin

The last place to visit is Chehel Sotoun Palace, as its name has many columns. This beautiful palace was the chah manor hang the Safavid dynasty, and later renewed in Qajar dynasty. It serves as a museum of calligraphy.

dreamy palace of qazvin

After we will visit Ali Qapu of Qazvin. Ali Qapu reminds all Iranians of the famous Isfahan mansions that were built during the Safavid era. However, this building - also from the Safavid era - was built in the city of Qazvin before the capital was relocated to Isfahan. Qazvin contains some buildings of the Safavid era, while it was the capital of Persia. Perhaps the most famous surviving building is Ali Qapu Mansion. We will spend the night in Qazvin. Do not forget that our agency will have a surprise for you!

 ali qapu gate of qazvin


Day 4: Departure to Zanjan, half day in Soltaniyeh

Continuing our way to Zanjan, we will visit the center of the ruins of Soltaniyeh, which is the mausoleum of Il-khan Öljeitü also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh, traditionally known as the dome of Soltaniyeh. It is one of the largest brick domes in the world, just at the theoretical limit of engineering for a brick dome and the third largest dome in the world after the domes of Florence Cathedral and Hagia Sophia.

world's largest brick dome

Then we will have lunch and arrive at Zanjan. Our first place to visit is The Zanjan Archeology Museum which houses four of the fascinating "salt men" mummies discovered over the years in the Chehrabad Salt Mine. Three are displayed in sealed windows on the 2nd floor of the museum; they are really surprising and exceptional!

incredible museum of zanjan

Next, our next place is Zanjan Jameh Mosque, also known as the Sultani Mosque, is the Great Mosque of the Congregation (Jameh) of Zanjan City, Iran. The mosque is located in the old part of the city and was built in 1826 during the Qajar era.

ancient jameh mosque of zanjan

Since this visit to Zanjan is short, you can consult with your Tour Guide and choose whatever activity you are interested to. We will spend the night in Zanjan.


Day 5: Departure to Masouleh, pass through the green roads

In the morning we will leave for Masuleh. Masuleh is about 60 km southwest of Rasht and 32 km west of Fuman. The Masouleh architecture is unique. The buildings were built in the mountains and are interconnected. Courtyards and rooftops both serve as pedestrian areas similar to the streets. Masuleh does not allow any vehicle to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only city in Iran with such a ban. However, the small streets and the many stairs simply would not allow vehicles to enter.

village on the rooftops


Day 6: Departure to Rud-khan Castle and Heyran Defile

In the morning we will continue our journey to Rud-khan Castle. Being one of the medieval military castles in Iran, this huge castle is located on the top of a mountain in the heart of the forest. You have to walk a distance of 3 km. Be physically ready before your hike to the century-old castle, called the "Castle of Thousand Walks" by the inhabitants of Taleshi and Gilak.

amazing qaleh rudkhan

After we will head to the Heyran Defile. The most interesting and picturesque parts of the Heyran Defile, which is located between the province of Ardabil and the county of Astara, the road connects Astara to Ardabil. Heyran Defile is the road from Astara to Ardabil, this picturesque pass is a break in a mountain range or other important obstacles, used for transportation from one side to another in the country of Iran.

wonderful heyran defile of iran


Day 7: The old wonderful city of Tabriz

In the morning we will go to Tabriz. When we settled in the hotel so we will start by visiting The El Goli Park. El Goli is a name of a large historical park containing an artificial lake southeast of Tabriz. The rectangular lake surrounded by four sidewalks and a band of flowers on all four sides and the building represents the traditional architecture of Tabriz.

beautiful elgoli park in tabriz

Then we will visit The Blue Mosque. It was built in 1465, for Jahan Shah of Iran. It is famous for its intricate turquoise mosaics; once the mosque was completed, the artists took 25 years to cover their entire surface with mosaics of turquoise and calligraphy.

ancient kabod mosque

Then we will leave to visit The Sa'at Tower. It is under construction in Tabriz which served as city hall and seat of the municipal government of Tabriz. Saat tower or Saat in short, as explained by the locals in Tabriz, is a building with a hall, a tower with clock and a small garden in the south-west side of the building. A circular pool with fountains is located in the middle of the garden.

tabriz municipality palace

Our last place is Tabriz Bazaar which is a historic market located in downtown Tabriz, Iran. It is one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

old bazaar of tabriz


Day 8: Visit the traditional village of Kandovan

Our destination is a very beautiful village, Kandovan, which is an extraordinary ancient village in the province of Eastern Azarbayjan, near the city of Tabriz, Iran. With its existence of at least 800 years, this remarkable place is inhabited by 670 people and offers a scenic beauty to its travelers. With houses carved out of rocks, some 700 years old, the village of Kandovan was partially formed from volcanic remains of a strong eruption of Mount Sahand hundreds of years ago. At the end of our visit we will return to Tabriz.

rocky architectural oddity 

Day 9: Visit Jolfa, The Saint-Stepanos Monastery of Jolfa

This day we will go to Jolfa to visit an old and really dazzling monastery. St. Stepanos or St. Stephen's Monastery is an Armenian monastery located near the Iranian city of Jolfa, near the Araxe River, in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan. It is dedicated to the first Christian martyr, Stephen. It was an important cultural center for Armenians and hosted and hosted religious figures, calligraphers, painters, writers, philosophers and historians.

beautiful jolfa city

At the end of our visit we will return to Tabriz.

So this is our last day in Tabriz, our agency will have a surprise for you!


What a nice time to say goodbye!

In the end, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye. You will fly to Tehran at night and then from Tehran you will take the other one for your final destination aka home.

We wish you all the best and thank you for choosing us.


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