Iran Eco Tour

Our iran eco tours are well designed to combine the sense of nature and culture both, while you visit and get deep into the rich history of Iran during centuries you enjoy the hike in nature and explore more about Iran land of four seasons. The tours are customized for any physical condition suitable for all age ranges of tourists.

Ecotourism in Iran

With a variety of climatic zones and the nature, you will see hot deserts lush forests and mountains at the same time. The most interesting from the perspective of eco-tourism is considered to be the northern part of the country, the province of Golestan, Gilan, Mazandaran and the central part of Iran.

north of iran nature

We provide you with a safe and exciting means for seeing and experiencing the natural wonder of the Iran nature and wild life, while always aiding in the preservation of land and culture, so that they may retain their body and spirit for all future generations. You will be a witness of the splendor of the unique Eco life and will uncover the distinct Tours that will take you through an adventure that you will not forget.


Upon your arrival at IKA Airport at Tehran, our representative in Tehran will greet and assist you in the arrival and will transfer you to the hotel. Check in.


Day 1: Tehran Nature

After breakfast our iran eco tour will start to visit Darband. Darband is formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, is a neighborhood inside Tehran's metropolitan limits. It is the beginning of a popular hiking trail into Mount Tochal, which towers over Tehran. A chairlift is also available for those not interested in hiking. The Persian term darband translates to "door of the mountain". he initial start of the trail at Darband is about 250 metres long and is dotted with a number of small cafes and restaurants. These are quite popular and are busy in the evenings, as locals and tourists alike visit the many hooka lounges along the trail.

nature lovers spot

Then move to Darakeh. This is another entry point into nearby mountains. Like Darband, Darake hiking trail begins with tens of open-air restaurants alongside a stream. Transfer to the airport. Drive to Rasht and enjoy the most beautiful attracts on the road. After arrival in Rasht, check in to the hotel and stay overnight.

nature lovers spot


Day 2: Visit Rasht and Move to Masoule

Our city tour will start to visit Kolah Farangi mansion. Rasht Kolah Farangi Mansion is related to the Qajar period and is located in Mohtasham garden and along the Goharrood River. The mansion has 4 floors, but it looks like it has 3 floors. The first and second floors each have two rooms. The tallest room of the mansion is in octagonal form and the mansion was made of brick, wood, and plaster.  The quarter of Mohtasham garden and Kolah Farangi mansion, in the past, was one the low-traffic areas of Rasht, because of that it was a place for the summer residence of the rulers and governors, but due to the development of the city and the increase in the population and the construction of the children’s playground on the western side of the park, the calmness and silence of the site has been distributed. This work was recorded as one of the national monument of Iran in 1996.

amazing kolah farangi pavilion in rashtamazing mansion of rasht

Then drive to visit Masoule. Masoule is approximately 60 km southwest of Rasht and 32 km west of Fuman. Masoule architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masoule does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only city in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter. Check in to the hotel and stay overnight in Masoule.

beautiful masuleh village


Day Three: Visit Rudkhan Castle and move to Astara

After breakfast drive to visit Rudkhan castle. It is a brick and stone medieval castle that is a military complex which had been constructed during the Sasanian era and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by the Nizari Ismailis. The castle is built on two tips of a mount. Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort. The Rudkhan Castle River originates in the surrounding heights and flows from south to north. After crossing a mountainous winding route with dense forests, the first thing that one notices about the castle is its big entrance gate.

brick and stone medieval fortress in iran

Then continue our trip to Fuman. Our team has a special gift for you in this town to enjoy more. Then we have meal time in Sowme'eh Sara. Continue our trip to Astara and enjoy the most beautiful natural sights on the road. On arrival in Astara check in to the hotel and stay overnight at the end of the third day of the iran eco tour.

astara city in gilan province


Day 4: Move to Ardabil, Mealtime, Move to Tabriz

Heyran Defile is the most interesting pass which is located between Ardabil province and Astara city. The road connects Astara to Ardebil. Heyran Defile is a break in a mountain range or other high obstruction, used for transportation from one side to the other in the country of Iran. Heyran road passes among mountains covered by trees. It is very pleasant driving in this road. After arrival in Ardabil we have a meal time and then move to Tabriz. Check in to the Hotel and stay overnight in Tabriz.

amazing defile of iran


Day 5: Visit Tabriz City

After breakfast our full iran eco tour city tour will start to visit Elgoli Park. El Gölü also known as Shah Gölü is the name of a large historic park containing an artificial lake in south east of Tabriz, Iran. Shah Gulu's artificial lake is a rectangular lake surrounded by four side walk and a stripe of flowers in its four sides. In the middle of lake, a building representing the traditional architecture of Tabriz is located. The building in the center of the lake is connected to the northern side walk of the lake. In South of the lake there is a hill covered by trees. Two stairways connect the side walk to the top of the hill. At top of the hill there is a building with modern architecture (Hotel Pars building). There is also a funfair next to the park.

stunning park of tabrizThen drive to visit the Blue mosque. The Blue Mosque is a famous historic mosque and constructed in 1465 upon the order of Jahan Shah, the ruler of Kara Koyunlu. It was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1780 and leaving only the iwan (entrance hall).

a masterpiece from centuries ago

After that we will visit Saat Tower. Sa'at Tower also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace is building in Tabriz which used as the city hall and main office of the municipal government of Tabriz. Saat Tower or Saat in brief, as it briefed by locals in Tabriz, is a building with a hall, a tower with clock, and a small garden in Southwestern side of the building. A circular pool with fountains is located in the middle of the garden. Return to the hotel and stay overnight in Tabriz.

tabriz municipality palace


Day 6: visit Kandovan Village

After breakfast we start our interesting tour to visit Kandovan Village and check in to the hotel. Kandovan is an extraordinary ancient village in the province of East Azarbaijan, near the city of Tabriz, Iran. With its at least 800 years’ existence, this remarkable place is inhabited by 670 people and offers scenic beauty for its travelers. With homes carved inside rocks, some of them 700 years old, the Kandovan village is said to have been partially formed by volcanic remains from a strong Mount Sahand eruptions hundreds of years ago.

an extraordinary ancient village

It is a place where houses are not built on a mountain, but within a mountain. Another interesting aspect is the fact that the rock acts as an energy efficient material, keeping the house cool during summer and warm during winter. This is why most of the inhabitants here do not use heaters or air conditioning systems. The intriguing architecture of this village seems to defy all rules and travelers are usually fascinated by its incredible slopes and irreverent paths. Return to the hotel and stay overnight in kandovan village.

a rocky architectural oddity in iran


Day 7: Return to Tabriz, Fly to Tehran

After breakfast return to Tabriz and visit Jolfa. Jolfa is one of the most important border towns for Iran. Customs facilities in the city and the Caucasus-Jolfa railway have been designed to accommodate custom duties, warehousing, cargo releasing and transportation of three million tons of commodities per year. Then fly to Tehran. Transfer to the IKA airport.

armenian monastery


Iran eco adventure tour

It's your willingness to present yourself at the wilderness and to live inside a moment of adventure that creates the exotic nature experience that gives your life expectations. just bring your spirit of adventure and our professional guides will take care of the rest.


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