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The population of nomads living in Iran are classified into different groups and tribes. Two of the most well-known nomadic groups are the Qashqai and the Bakhtiari.

Qashqaie Tribe

The Turkish speaking Qashqaie tribe is the most reputed tribe in southern Iran. The Qashqaie territory extends from Abadeh and Shahreza in the Isfahan province to the Persian Gulf coast. The tribe comprises numerous clans. The major ones are Kashkooli, Sheesh Blocki, Khalaj, Farsi Madan, Safi Khani, Rahimi, Bayat, Darreh Shuyee.

One school of thought maintains that the Qashqaies descended from the ancestors of the Turkish Khalaj clan, who lived between India and Sistan region of Iran, and then migrated to central and southern Iran. Each clan has a chief, and there was a general tribal leader who was appointed in the old days. The Qashqaie tribe has never played a decisive role in the national political developments, but it has occasionally been the source of short-lived troubles for the government.

Bakhtiyari Tribe

The Bakhtiyari tribe is composed of the clans living in the mountainous regions between the Chaharmahal, Fars, Khuzistan (the Taftoon Field), and Lurestan provinces.

The tribe is divided into two separate branches: Haft Gang and Chahar Gang. The former consists of 55 and the latter of 24 clans. The Arabian and Lur clans mix together in the Bakhtiari tribe. The Bakhtiari tribe is also called the Great Lur. Scholars have differing opinions on its origin. However, the opinion mostly adhered to and more extensively documented maintains the Bakhtiaris are of Kurdish origin. The Bakhtiari overlords have been influential in political developments since the era of the Safavids and the Nader Shah. Some of their leaders helped constitutional revolutionaries conquer Tehran during the Period of Minor Despotism. That was when the Qajar king, Mohammad Ali Shah, suspended the parliament and the constitution in 1907.

Iran Nomad Tours

A group of people who travel and move from one place to another along with their tribe, family and all their belongings are nomads. They change the place of their living almost every 6 months. Nomadism is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life. They are used to moderate weather and rich natural resources.

Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and back to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter throughout their yearly and shift with the seasons Iran’s Nomadic tour is an opportunity to visit this great attraction that is still present in the 21st century. The culture of Iranian Nomads is not specific to a single tribe like the Kurds, the Balutch, the Qashqai, the Turkman or Shahsavan or a specific region, but to whoever called nomad everywhere in Iran.

nomadic lifestyle

Iran nomads national geographic

The migrating nomads constitute a community with a way of living distinct from the urban and rural communities. Two major, related factors prompt them to migrate to winter and summer territories, depending on seasonal changes. The first is their livelihood, and the second is the geographical and climatic conditions they live in.

This compels them to look for fresh grazing lands. Also, the very cold winters in some regions of Iran and extremely hot summers in others force them to move from winter to summer territories and vice versa to avoid the extreme weather conditions.

The purpose of our nomad tour is to familiarize with the lifestyle of tribal and natural attractions in the Fars province. Qashqai or tribal el-Qashqai is one of the Iranian Islamic alliances which like many of the Islamic unions is a mixture of tribes with different ethnic origins; Lor, Kurd, Arabic and Turkish but most of them speak Turkish.

The main center of their life is Fars province but they are also inhabited in the other provinces because of the extent of the territory. Qashqaies have gradually immigrate to this territory and settled in it in different periods. The settlement of the Turkish tribes in various regions of Iran during the Seljuk, Timurian and Safavid periods has intensified.

qashqaei's lifestyle


Stay 3 days in the black tents of beautiful nomads on a spring night beside the fireplace in our nomad tour.

Local tour of the forests, wild almonds and wildlife.

Visit Qashqai’s tribes Households with the Local Guide in our amazing nomad tour.

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