Persian Gardens at a Glance


This tour begins and ends in Tehran. This is a short trip which gives you a chance to see The Persian Gardens at a Glance.


Persian Gardens in Iran

The idea of the style and tradition in the design of Persian Gardens has widely spread in other countries from Persia lands to India and even beyond. When you travel to Iran, you will notice that Iranians love outing and spending some time in the nature. Regardless of the climate, they will find a place to picnic under the shade of large trees. According to Persian literature, the word garden means "Paradise" which is derived from the word "Paridaiza". It means a garden surrounded by walls.


Architecture of Persian Gardens

The architecture of the Persian Gardens highly depends on the Iran's weather conditions. For instance Iran's dry heat makes water as a very important element in the decoration style. Moreover The architect usually attempts to link indoors with outdoors via the connection of a surrounding garden with an inner courtyard. Persian garden with three certain features and an exclusive design is globally well-known as outstanding example of Persian culture: (1) located along the water stream; (2) surrounded by high walls; and (3) contained a summer edifice and a pool of water.


Unesco Persian Gardens

The persian gardens are so remarkable that nine gardens out of a wide variety are inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nine Persian Gardens from different regions of Ian that registered in UNESCO are: Pasargadae garden at Pasargadae, Chehel Sotoun garden in Isfahan, Fin Garden in Kashan, Eram Garden in Shiraz, Shazdeh Garden in Mahan, Dolatabad Garden in Yazd, Abbasabad Garden in Mazandaran, Akbarieh Garden in south Khorasan Province and Pahlevanpour Garden.


Intended Destinations: Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd


Day1: Tehran

In the morning after breakfast, you will visit The Golestan Palace, The former royal Qajar Complex in Iran’s capital city.

former royal qajar complex

Afterwards, you will visit The National Museum of Iran is an institution formed of two complexes; the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic Era, which were opened in 1937 and 1972, respectively.

amazing national museum of tehran

Soon after you go to have lunch in a traditional restaurant. Next on the list is visiting The Jewelry Museum, with an area about 1000 square meters is equipped to a safety system built by the Germans. Overnight in Tehran.

stunning jewelry museum


Day2: Kashan

In the morning, after breakfast we leave Tehran and drive to Kashan, a city of light and flower. We begin our tour with a visit to The Historic houses of Borujerdiha and Tabatabaeiha.

historical house of kashan

Then we will stop by The Fin Garden, a historical Persian garden which was planted during the safavid period. Then we go to have lunch. Afterwards we go to The Traditional Bazaar that it has a lot of historical monumets. At night, you will leave Kashan to Isfahan. Overnight in Isfahan.

amaznig fin garden


Day3: Isfahan

Today we start our tour with the visit Chehel sotoun, a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long poll in Isfahan.

dreamy palace of isfahan

Then you walk toward Naghsh_e_ jahan, the second huge square in the world. The monuments on the four sides of Naghsh_e_ jahan square includes: Ali Qapu palace, Shah mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and Qeysarie Gate that you will go to visit all. Then you will go to have lunch in a restaurant near The Naghsh_e_ jahan square.

big emam square of isfahan

Then we pay a visit to the most famous Bazaars in Iran, where you can purchase The Crafts and take it as a souvenir to your country. Stay overnight in Isfahan.


Day4: Isfahan

Today we begin our tour with a visit to the Isfahan’s Jame’ mosque that displaying several centuries of historical Islamic evolution. It was built in the four_Iwan architectural style, placing four gates face to face.

atigh jame mosque of isfahan

Then we will visit to The Menar Jonban that is a monument located in Isfahan. Its notable feature is that if one of the minerates is shaken, the other minaret will shake as well. Then you go to have lunch in a Traditional Restaurant.

shaking minerates of isfahan

Afterwards, we will visit the Vank Cathedral that also known the church of the sainty sisters, is a cathedral located in The Jolfa District of Isfahan.

vank armenian church

After that you can walk in Jolfa locality and enjoy of the traditional coffee shops, pantries and ancient monuments. Then you come back to your Hotel. Overnight in Isfahan.


Day5: Shiraz, En_route visit Pasargadae

Early morning, you leave Isfahan to Shiraz, the city of Secrets. En_route you pay a visit to Pasargadae. The most prominent part of the Pasargadae Complex is the construction of the Cyrus Tomb, which was made of white calcareous stone from about 530 to 540 BC that is a memorial from the Achaemenian period. Then you go to have lunch in the Agha Mir Cottage, where its owners having preserved the originality architecture of the house have transformed it into a relaxing place for accommodation and hospitality from foreign and domestic guests. You can enjoy of the traditional shirazian dishes like Kalam Polo, Doopiaze…

tomb of cyrus

Then drive to Shiraz. Upon you arrive, you will transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Shiraz.


Day6: Shiraz

After breakfast our city tour will start to visit Eram Garden (One of the UNESCO Persian gardens in Iran).

amaznig eram garden

After that we drive to Hafez Tomb. The Tomb of Hafez and its associated memorial hall are two memorial structures erected in the northern edge of Shiraz memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez. Then we have meal time at wonderful restaurants.

hafez persian poet

After lunch, we will pay a visit Saadi Tomb. The Tomb of Saadi is a tomb and mausoleum dedicated to the Persian poet Saadi in the Iranian city of Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz.

mausoleum of saadi


Day7: Kerman

In the morning, we will leave Shiraz to Kerman. En-route we pay a visit Shazdeh Garden. This remarkable garden was made in the 1890s by the Governor of Kerman. It is a rectangular green oasis surrounded by brown desert. The design looks best in an aerial photograph. Then we have lunch and countinue all the way. Overnight in Kerman.

amazing shazdeh garden in kerman


Day8: Kerman

The first place you go to visit is Ganj Ali Khan Complex that is a Safavid era building complex, located in the old center of the Kerman city. The complex contains of a school, a square, a caravanserai, a bathhouse, an Ab anbar, a mint, a mosque and a Bazaar.

safavid era building complex

After that you will visit the bazaar. Soon after tou have lunch. After lunch, you drive to Yazd. Overnight in Yazd.


Day9: Yazd

Yazd is the wedged between the northern Dasht_e kavir and southern Dasht_e Lut. Today’s tour begins with visiting Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, it is located 15km from the Yazd city and near the Safaviyeh area on a mountain ridge called Dakhma. It is a stone chalet that The Zorastrians buried the deads in it.

amazing towers

And Fire Temple; This elegant building, reflected in an oval pool in the garden courtyard.

yazd atash behram

Next you will visit The Amir Chakhmagh Complex that in contains of a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water and a confectionary. Then we go to have lunch in Hamam khan restaurant. At night, we leave Yazd to Tehran. Finally, we transfer you to IKA. Based on departure flight time.

amazing complex of yazd



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