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Travel to Iran

Travel to Iran, the Land of four seasons with its rich and colourful history, countless monuments, Iranian hospitality and delicious food is amazing. Just a few years ago, Iran was gearing up to be the next big tourism destination. Iranian cities are great destinations for sightseeing. From the most hospitable people to the oldest history, stunning architecture, the most desolate deserts, green mountains, islands and many other things, slowly, travelers are realizing that Iran is the ultimate destination. Iran is rich in hostory. From Elamites to Achaemenid dynasty, from Sassanid era to Safavid and Zand dynasty, form Qajar to Pahlavi dynasty and after that, the Islamic revolution Iranian history is as stormy as it gets.

Every city you travel in Iran shows you a different part of iranian culture and history that you won’t find any city in Iran less amusing and breathtaking as the others. All of the mainstream media outlets portray Iran as an unsafe country, somewhere that you’ll be at risk if you visit. The mainstream media is wrong. Iran is generally a very safe country to travel. Iran can be considered as the safest country in the Middle East.


Day 1: Tehran City Tour

A full day city tour in Tehran starts to visit the great palaces with brilliant architecture. First, start with Niavaran palace complex, that is consists of great buildings, museums and libraries.

niavaran historical cultural complex

Next place is Saadabad complex. Beautiful palaces and museums are located in this palace including white palace which is the biggest building in this complex. Both Niavaran and Saadabad palace complexes are return to the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties.

saadabad palace museum

Finally, drive to visit Milad Tower to have Lunch at its restaurant. This Tower also known as the Tehran Tower. It is the sixth-tallest Tower and the 24th-tallest freestanding structure in the world. It consists of five main parts, including the foundation, transition structure, shaft, head structure and the antenna mast that are going to visit the parts separately.

tehran tower


Day 2: Tehran City Tour, Tehran to Kashan

After breakfast our half day city tour will begin to visit Golestan palace. The former royal Qajar complex is one of the oldest historic monuments. It consists of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries.

stunning golestan palace

After that , on the road, we will have a short stop to visit National Garden. It is a historical and governmental compound with a brilliant architectural gate.

oldest symbol of tehran

Next place is Negarestan Garden which is one of the nice and traditional gardens. It was a peaceful king’s palace summer garden, and Today is a national monument. Then, we will have lunch in a wonderful restaurant and enjoy Iranian delicious food. Take back to the hotel to take a rest. Finally, departure to Kashan. Check in to the hotel, and Stay overnight in Kashan at a traditional and nice accommodation.

 historical garden of tehran


Day 3: Kashan Tour City, Kashan to Abyaneh

After breakfast our kashan city tour will star by visit Fin Garden. It is a historical place that contains of two parts, a garden and a Bath where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Nasereddin Shah. Also, The Fin Garden is the oldest extant garden in Iran.

amazing fin garden

Continue our enjoyable tour with Tabatabaei house. A historical place, that consists of four courtyards, wall paintings, elegant stained glass windows, and other classic features of traditional Persian residential architecture, such as the common area, and the private or women's quarters.

beautiful tourist attraction of kashan

Next place is Abbasi historical house which is an example of Kashan's residential architecture and the house is now a museum. Return to the hotel in order to take a rest. Then continue our cultural trip to Abyane. Check in, and Stay overnight in this historical town in Abyane Hotel.

iranian masterpiece of architecture


Day 4: Abyaneh half day tour, Abyaneh to Isfahan

Our half day tour will begin to visit Jame mosque of Abyaneh, and enjoy fabulous village and nature. Abyaneh is a historic village in Isfahan province which is have a beautiful valley. Then departure to Isfahan.

old mosque of abyaneh

Check in, and Stay in the hotel to take a rest, and prepare to start exciting city tour in Isfahan. Drive to visit Jolfa complex. It is an Armenian region with a traditional and historical Cathedral. Vank Cathedral also known the Church of the Saintly Sisters contains of buildings with fabulous paints, arts and architecture, a courtyard, library, and museum. Then drive to Grant Bazar of Isfahan and spend our evening to visit one of Iran’s most historic and fascinating bazaars. Return to the hotel, and stay overnight in Isfahan hotel.

armenian church


Day 5: City Tour in Isfahan

Our full day City Tour will start to visit Naghsh-e-Jahan Square that is contains of Shah mosque, sheikh lotfollah mosque, and Ali-Qapu palace. This place will show you that why called Isfahan as the city of turquoise domes.

amazing square of isfahan

Then, drive to a classical restaurant, and enjoy Iranian delicious food. Next place is Chehel Sotoun palace. The meaning of the name is forty columns; however, it consists of twenty columns with each reflects in the water of the fountain, appears forty.

dreamy palace of isfahan

At the end of the city tour, we will visit the Zayadeh riverside. Our focus in this side is to visit Khaju Bridge and Si-o-se Pol. Khaju Bridge is one of the finest examples of Persian architecture at the height of Safavid cultural influence in Iran, and Si-o-se Pol (the bridge of thirty-three) is the longest bridge on the Zayanderud. Return to the hotel and stay overnight in Isfahan.

siosepol symbol of isfahan


Day 6: Isfahan to Shiraz and visit Pasargadae

After breakfast departure to Shiraz. On the road we will visit Pasargadae. Tomb of Cyrus the Great is located in this place. A person who writes the human rights.  

tomb of cyrus the great

Check in, and have a nice lunch in shiraz restaurantsDrive to the hotel and take a rest. In the evening, first, we will start our shiraz tour to visit Saadi and Hafez Tomb. Both mausoleums belong to the most popular poets. Each place consists of a fabulous building and a garden. Then, return to the hotel and stay overnight in Shiraz hotel.

famous iranian poet


Day 7: City Tour in Shiraz

After breakfast we will start our full day city tour to visit Zandiye Complex. It includes a Citadel, a Bath, a Bazaar and a Mosque.

famous karimkhan citadel in shiraz

The Karim Khan citadel contains of a museum and wonderful architectural construction.

arge karimkhan in shiraz

Next place is an old public bath called Vakil Bath.

famous vakil bath of zandiyeh dynasty

Then continue to visit Vakil Mosque. The mosque has only two iwans instead of the usual four, on the northern and southern sides of a large open court. The iwans and court are decorated with typical Shirazian colorful tiles.

ancient mosque of zandiyeh era

Then, we will pass the Bazar to enjoy Shiraz hands crafts, beautiful architecture and colorful shops. Also, we will have a rest in restaurant and enjoy the great delicious traditional Iranian food, such as kebab.

Next place is Qavam house. It is a traditional and historical house with brilliant architecture and attracts with mirrors.

naranjestan garden of shiraz

Then, drive to Eram Garden, one of the great botanical gardens in Iran. Return to the hotel, and stay overnight in Shiraz hotel.

famous eram garden of shiraz


Day 8: Persepolis and Necropolis tour

Our half day City tour will begin to visit Persepolis. It exemplifies the Achaemenid style of architecture, and its structures include the Great Stairway, the Gate of All Nations, the Apadana, the Hall of a Hundred Columns, the Tripylon Hall and the Tachara, the Hadish Palace, the Palace of Artaxerxes III, the Imperial Treasury, the Royal Stables, and the Chariot House. Every year, many people all around the world come to visit this phenomenon.

ancient history encyclopedia

Then drive to Necropolis that is a large, designed cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. Return to the Hotel.

naqshe rustam

Check out, and transfer to Shiraz Airport. Fly to Tehran, Transfer to IKA.

Hope to have nice travel.


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