The Glance of Iran


Intended destinations: Tehran, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Shiraz


About Glance Tour

This tour can be the best choice for those who want to make their first visit to Iran. “The Glance of Iran” is a short scheduled trip which provides an opportunity for you to visit the sights in Iran within the space of 10 days.


Cultural Tours of Iran

An enigmatic country like Iran has its root deep into its custom, culture, history and religion. Every corner of Iran is so full of beautiful nature, exquisite architecture and ancient history that you may have a hard time deciding where to go. Tours are a great way to discover the country from those who know it best and we plan special cultural tours for you.


Day1: Tehran

In the morning after breakfast, you will visit The Golestan Palace, The former royal Qajar Complex in Iran’s capital city. One of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran and of world heritage status that it consists of gardens, royal buildings and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries. Then you go to have lunch in a traditional restaurant.

stunning golestan palace

Next on the list is visiting The Jewelry Museum, with an area about 1000 square meters is equipped to a safety system built by the Germans and it was active before the revolution and closed and reopened to the public in 1990. Soon after you go to have lunch in a traditional restaurant.

amazing jewelry museum

Afterwards, you will visit The carpet museum, that had the most valuable Iranian Carpet from the 9th century till the contemporary dynasty and is considered as a rich source of research for researchers. Then you will transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Tehran.

iranian handmade carpets collection


Day2: Tehran

We get up early in the morning, after breakfast, begin your day with a trip to Reza Abbasi Museum that is located is Seyed Khandan Street. The museum is named after Reza Abbasi, one of the artists in the Safavid dynasty. It is a unique collection of Persian art dating back to the second Millennium BC.

islamic masterpiece

Then you will visit The Sa’ad Abad Complex that is built by The Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs. The Complex includes more than 180 hectares of natural forests, streets, qanats, galleries and museums. Next you will stop for a delicious Iranian food in a traditional restaurant in Tehran.

saadabad palace museums

After that you had lunch, you leave Tehran to Hamedan. Upon your arrival in Hamedan, you check into your hotel, take a rest and be ready for new day.


Day3: Hamedan

In the morning, we leave the hotel to the world's largest water cave, The Ali Sadr Cave which attracts thousands of visitors every year and is located in Ali Sadr Kabudarahang Country about 100 kilometers north of Hamadan, western Iran. Because of the cave's proximity to large cities such as Hamadan, it is a highly recommended destination for tourists from all corners of the world.  Soon after you have lunch in the restaurant near there.

amazing ali sadr cave in hamadan

Then you come back to your hotel. In the evening we pay a visit to The Alavian Gonbad, “Square mosque-turned-mausoleum from Seljuk times with exterior inscriptions & interior carvings”.  Afterwards you go to the hotel. Overnight in Hamadan.

 a paramount works of islamic architecture


Day4: Hamadan

Early morning, first you will visit The Esther and Mordechai Tomb. Believed by some to house the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordechai. It is the most important pilgrimage site for jews in the country.

Mausoleum of Esther and Mordechai

Then you will go to The Baba Tahir Tomb that is related to contemporary dynasty. Baba Tahir was an 11th-century Iranian poet. His poetry is written in the Hamadani dialect of the Persian Language especially about Love, Honesty, Loneliness. So you can enjoy listening to Baba Tahir poems in persian which is a great experience.

baba taher tomb hamadan

After that you will go to have lunch in The Hamam-e Qal'eh Museum of Anthropology. It is one of the most beautiful Hamam with Iranian Islamic architecture.

anthropological museum

Then you go on to visit Hegmatane Archeological Palace dating back to the 6th century BC. This valuable historical collection is of great archeological value and apart of it is not excavated. The area has historical remains dating back to Medes, Achamenids, Parthian, Sasanids and also Islamic dynasties like Aleh Bouyeh (Bouyehs Family) most of them belong to Parthian dynasty. At last you will transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Hamadan.

hamadan hegmataneh hill


Day5: Kermanshah

Today we leave Hamadan to Kermanshah. On the way, we will stop by The Kangavar that is located in the easternmost part of Kermanshah Province, on the modern road from Hamadan to Kermanshah, identical with a trace of the Silk Road, located at the distance of about 75 km from Hamadan and 96 km from Kermanshah.  We pay a visit to The Anahita Temple that is the name of one of two archaeological sites in Iran popularly thought to have been attributed to the ancient deity Anahita. The larger and more widely known of the two is located at Kangāvar in Kermanshah Province. The other is located at Bishapur.

kangavar anahita temple

Then we continue on the way, and the second place we will stop is Bistoon. The town is at the foot of Bistoon mountain, the flank of which is the location of an important historical site. The imperial road from Ekbatana to Babylon passed at the foot of the mountain.

bistoon of kermanshah

Soon after we had lunch, the next place you will visit is Taq-e Bostan means "Arch of the Garden" or "Arch made by stone". It is a site with a series of large rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid Empire of Persia (Iran), carved around 4th century AD. This example of Persian Sassanid art is located 5 km from the city center of Kermanshah.

arch of the garden

After that we head to Kermanshah which was one of the cities for recreation during the Sassanid dynasty. It has a moderate and mountainous climate. Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish_speaking city in Iran.  Most of the inhabitants of Kermanshah are Shia Muslims, but there are minorities such as Sunni Muslims, Yarsanism and so on. Upon your arrival you will go to the hotel. Overnight in Kermanshah.


Day6: Kermanshah

In the morning, we will visit The Uraman Takht Village that has a very fine and pleasant weather. The area, due its mountainous terrain, is rich in tourist attractions and natural fascinations. Some of these attractions include "Darband Dezli" region with its highlands and green slopes, and the "Abshar Maloor" waterfall which obtains its water from the snow melting on high mountains. Terraced farms and stone architecture of terraced villages, where the roofs of one row of houses happens to be the courtyards of another row of houses situated on a higher level, add to the beauty of the region. Then you have lunch in a restaurant near there. Evening is free at leisure. Then you will transfer to the airport and fly to Isfahan. Upon your arrival in Isfahan you will go to the hotel. Overnight in Isfahan.

a fascinating nature site of iran


Day7: Isfahan

Today we start our tour with the visit Chehel sotoun, a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long poll in Isfahan, built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions.

dreamy palace of isfahan

Then you walk toward Naqsh_e_ Jahan, the second huge square in the world. The monuments on the four sides of Naqsh_e_ jahan square includes: Ali Qapu palace, Shah mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque that you will go to visit all. Then you will go to have lunch in a restaurant near The Naqsh_e_ jahan square.

amazing emam square in isfahan

Then we pay a visit to the most famous Bazaars in Iran, where you can purchase The Crafts and take it as a souvenir to your country, Also our travel agency invite you a great souvenir that is very popular among tourists. Stay overnight in Isfahan.


Day8: Isfahan

Today we begin our tour with a visit to the Isfahans’s Jame’ mosque that displaying several centuries of historical Islamic evolution. It was built in the four_Iwan architectural style, placing four gates face to face.

ancient jame mosque of isfahan

Then we will visit to The Menar Jonban (Shaking Minarets) that is a monument located in Isfahan. Construction began in the 14th century to cover the grave of Amu Abdollah .  It’s notable feature is that if one of the minerates is shaken, the other minaret will shake as well. Then you go to have lunch in a Traditional Restaurant.

shaking minerates of isfahan

Afterwards, we will visit The Vank Cathedral that also known the church of the sainty sisters, is a cathedral located in The Julfa District of Isfahan. It is commonly referred to as the Vank which means “monastery” or “convent” in The Armenian Language.

armenian church in isfahan

After that you can walk in Jolfa locality and enjoy of the traditional coffee shops, pantries and ancient monuments. Then you come back to your Hotel. Overnight in Isfahan.


Day9: Shiraz, En_route visit Pasargadae

Early morning, you leave Isfahan to Shiraz, the city of Secrets. En_route you pay a visit to Pasargadae. The most prominent part of the Pasargadae Complex is the construction of the Cyrus Tomb, which was made of white calcareous stone from about 530 to 540 BC that is a memorial from the Achaemenian period.

tomb of cyrus the great

Then you go to have lunch in the Agha Mir Cottage, where its owners having preserved the originality architecture of the house have transformed it into a relaxing place for accommodation and hospitality from foreign and domestic guests. You can enjoy of the traditional shirazian dishes like Kalam Polo, Doopiaze…

delicious shirazian dishes

Then drive to Shiraz. Upon you arrive, you will transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Shiraz.


Day10: Shiraz

After breakfast we leave the hotel to The Zandiyeh Complex that is a beautiful and historic monument of Zandieh’s period in Shiraz, which is very important in terms of art and architecture and includes; karim khan citadel, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath and Vakil reservoir.

karim khan citadel

At first, you will visit the Vakil Bazaar, that has beautiful courtyards, caravanserais, bath houses and old shops which are deemed among the best places in Shiraz to buy all kinds of Persian rugs, spices, copper handicrafts and antiques.

ancient vakil bazaar in shiraz

Then you go to visit TheVakil Bath that is an old public bath and it was part of the royal district constructed during Karim khan period. Soon after you go to have lunch in the traditional restaurant.

ancient vakil bath of zandiyeh dynasty

After that you go to pay a visit to Karim khan citadel that is located in downtown in Shiraz. This citadel was built during the period of the Zandieh dynasty.

arge karim khan in shiraz

Then you will transfer to your hotel. Before that we invite you to the traditional Iranian dessert.  At night, you fly to Tehran. What comes last is our transfer to IKA and depart from Iran.

Hope to see you again.



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