Persian Dates

There are hundreds of kinds of dates in Iran. Persian dates have different attributes and degree of color which each of them are used differently.

Astamaran (semi-dried date), Shahani (also called Khork Shani, is a dried date), Zahedi, Kabkab, Rabbi, Gantar, Sayer, Khazravi, Piarom, Dayri, Hallavi, Barhi, Ferssi, Allmehtari, Khassui, Mordar Sang, Mazafati, Kabkab, Piarom, and … is just to name a few.

The most exquisite species of dates are produced in Iran and are mostly produced in the southern, southwestern and southeastern palm grooves of Iran.

A few important provinces in Iran that produce dates are: Hormozgan, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Sistan-Baluchestan, Fars, Kerman…

Dates are very useful fruits, which ,despite its many benefits, are not to be found in the family’s daily diet plan .food is one of the most consumable food that is placed on the eftar table during the holy month of Ramadan.

The palm tree is a very old plant, whose name is repeated 42 times in the Holy Quran , or Muslims regard it as parasite fruits .In the faith of Christ , the date palm leaves symbolize the martyrs who died in the path of  the faith of Christ . An Arabic proverb says the palm tree’s properties are as good as days of the year.