The glory of Persia


About the whole route:

The major stages that are the most important and glorious places of Iran are Tehran, Kashan, Qamsar, Abyaneh, Isfahan, and of course the beautiful Shiraz.

The glory of Persia is a fascinating and refreshing journey that is primarily meant to be relaxing and entertaining. This trip is like a narrative of different stories of old Iran, visiting its beauties like traditional mosques and shining churches, glorious palaces, famous tombs and beautiful traditional houses. During our visit, we will try the traditional and ingenious cooking as much as possible.


Travel to Iran

Travel to Iran, the Land of four seasons with its rich and colourful history, countless monuments, Iranian hospitality and delicious food is amazing. Just a few years ago, Iran was gearing up to be the next big tourism destination. Iranian cities are great destinations for sightseeing. From the most hospitable people to the oldest history, stunning architecture, the most desolate deserts, green mountains, islands and many other things, slowly, travelers are realizing that Iran is the ultimate destination. Iran is rich in hostory. From Elamites to Achaemenid dynasty, from Sassanid era to Safavid and Zand dynasty, form Qajar to Pahlavi dynasty and after that, the Islamic revolution Iranian history is as stormy as it gets.

Every city you travel in Iran shows you a different part of iranian culture and history that you won’t find any city in Iran less amusing and breathtaking as the others. All of the mainstream media outlets portray Iran as an unsafe country, somewhere that you’ll be at risk if you visit. The mainstream media is wrong. Iran is generally a very safe country to travel. Iran can be considered as the safest country in the Middle East.

Cultural Tours of Iran

An enigmatic country like Iran has its root deep into its custom, culture, history and religion. Every corner of Iran is so full of beautiful nature, exquisite architecture and ancient history that you may have a hard time deciding where to go. Tours are a great way to discover the country from those who know it best and we plan special cultural tours for you.


Day 1: Arrive Tehran, visit it

Based on your arrival time, our national guide will come to the airport to transfer you to your hotel. In the morning, we begin our visit by visiting The carpet museum. The Iranian carpet museum has at the bottom gathered the most interesting rugs and glasses with dazzling beauty and excellent quality.

amazing carpet museum in tehran

After, we will visit The Reza Abbasi museum which was one of the best painter in the whole world. This museum is home to old shiny hinges and works of art. After visiting it we will have lunch.

amazing reza abbasi museum of tehran

Continuing our day, we will take a tour of The National Museum of Jewelry owned by the Central Bank and is home to the most precious jewels belonging to different eras of the Iranian monarchy, such as the crowns of the Pahlavi, Qajar and Safavid dynasties. After visiting it we will have lunch.

brilliant jewelry museum in tehran

The next place to visit is The Sa'ad Abad Complex. This state was a summer house for the royal family since the Qajar dynasty. The complex consists of an extravagant 54-room White Palace and a classic Green Palace, as well as a fine art museum, royal vehicle exhibition and royal costume exhibition.

famous saadabad complex


Day 2: departure to Kashan and visit

The next city to visit is Kashan. Kashan is a classic city full of old schools and traditional houses. The first place to visit in Kashan is The Fin Complex which consist of a garden and a famous bathroom. The bathroom is famous because one of the best politicians of the Qajar dynasty, Amirkabir, was killed there but still the garden is really beautiful.

a great sample of persian gardens

The next place is the traditional Borujerdi house. Its unique decoration and its amazing structure are rarely found. Then we will have lunch.

beautiful borujerdiha house

After lunch, we will visit The traditional house of Tabatabaei. The unique decoration of its 7 windows (while others have only 5) testifies to the high social status of the owner. It has a beautiful pond in the middle of the courtyard with small old fountains.

traditional tabatabaei house of kashan

After, we will visit The traditional kashan Bazaar. This very place has been the center of trade in kashan for nearly 800 years, it has domed ceilings, modern and old goods for sale and although large, one would not get lost. We will spend the night in Kashan.

old kashan bazaar


Day 3: Departure to Qamsar and Abyneh, arrival in Isfahan

No one can miss these two of the most beautiful villages because if you do, you will regret it later undoubtedly. First, we will take the bus and drive to Qamsar. Qamsar is renowned for the ancient rosewater extraction system. Needless to talk about the beauties of the village, in the small Bazaar you can see the traditional machinery and gas extraction systems.

town of roses

Then we will visit Abyaneh, this village is famous for the particular red color of its mountain soil and most of the houses are built using this soil and finally, the village looks reddish. On the top of the village are the ruins of a fort from the Sassanid era. After, we will have lunch.

historical village

Then we will take the bus to Isfahan. Arriving in Isfahan, after being transferred to the hotel we will visit The Khaju Bridge. This place is really beautiful especially especially at night. A glorious monument, it was built on the Commendation of the Shafiid King Shah Abbas II around 1650. The bridge is built with a series of stone arches and the remains of a royal pavilion.

historical bridge on the zayanderud

Si-o-se Pol or in English The Si-o-se bridge, is one of the 11 bridge in the Zayande river which in Persian means 33 bridge of the arch. It is considered the largest Iranian construction on the water and as has been said on the Khaju Bridge, the night is the best time to visit. We will spend the night in Isfahan.

amazing bridge od isfahsan


Day 4: A good day in Isfahan

So far you have seen that every place you went to was filled with plants. Now continuing our journey, you will see the love of the Persians for the gardens. We will start our day with The beautiful Chehel Sotoun. This magnificent palace is located in the center of a large green garden and is located at the end of the very long pond. It has a dazzling shimmer and its columns and walls are covered with wooden artwork and marquetry. and there are many high-profile portraits that demonstrate the king's court life and his glorious battles.

the dreamy palace

Then we will go to The Naqsh-e-Jahan square which consist of a garden in the center and The Shah mosque, Ali Qapu, The Sheikh Lotfollah mosque with a very old Ali Qapu Bazzar in which there are many shops selling Traditional silver products as well as other traditional antiques such as inlaid mirrors and paintings and breathtaking grand watches. Also about the other places, they are the old places built during the Safavid dynasty.

emam square of isfahan

Ali Qapu has 6 floors, with a large balcony on the top that gives you to afford a magnificent perspective on the entire square Imam.

imperial gate

The mosque of Shah is a real elegant mosque that is remembered as the icon of the Shah square. With its blue-paneled mosaics and astonishing proportions, it has remained in the minds of thousands of tourists.

 architectural masterpiece

Then comes the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque which was built during the region of King Abbas II, intended to impress the father-in-law of the king of the same name as the mosque. The unique signature feature of this grand mosque is the extensive use of cream-colored tiles to pink variously.

unique sheikh lotfollah mosque


Day 5: Departure to Shiraz, half day visiting it

We will go to Shiraz in the morning and after 6 o'clock we will arrive. After transferring to settle in the hotel and have lunch, we will continue our journey. We will start with The complex Zandiyeh. They consist of the Vakil Bazaar, The Karim Khan Citadel, The Vakil Bath and The Vakil Mosque.

karim khan citadel in shiraz

The Vakil Bazaar is one of the best places in Shiraz, it is the oldest trading center in Shiraz built under The Zandiyeh dynasty by the order of Karim Khan. Although marketing has already proven itself years ago, Hojre stores in Farsi as well as domed ceilings are added later in the Zandiyeh era. These years bazaar is composed of different sections, each named after the main work of the traders, for example the Bazaar of carpet sellers.

After, we will visit The Vakil mosque. This historic mosque was built by order of Karim Khan and presents the characteristic of the 18th century Shiraz, which is a 7-color tile (it is a kind of tile that change its color when it is in the light). Main hall consists of 48 stone columns and a glossy marble grandstand.

masjede vakil in shiraz

The Vakil Bath is also another part of the Zand complex. The detailed and accurate architecture has made it an ingenious masterpiece. Today, wax figures are on display here. After that we will rest at the hotel with dinner.

ancient vakil bath of zandiyeh dynasty


Day 6: Visiting the best city in Iran

Shiraz is of course the most beautiful city in the whole world. By having the best and purest weather, it is a proper city to live in and also to have a lot of plants. On this, I must remind you of so many gardens that you can visit. They are all green and are full of flowers. But I must show the historical characteristics of Shiraz, as you have already heard, one of the best, grand, and glorious places in the whole world; it is the magnificent Persepolis. It does not need to be introduced. The ingenious masterpiece of 2500 years is the icon of the glorious royal history of Iran. It was built by order of Cyrus the Great as the ceremonial capital of the Acheamenid dynasty of Iran. The ruins were declared World Heritage Site in 1979. After we will have lunch.

 ancient takhte jamshid

Necropolis is the magnificent burial place of Acheamenid kings. It is also composed of 7 rock reliefs dating back to the Sassanid and Elam dynasties. The most famous shows the Sassanid King Shapur I on horseback, with the Roman Emperor Valerian bowing before him to submissions. Then we will return to Shiraz.

ancient naqshe rustam


Day 7: A Magnificent Day

After breakfast we will visit The Eram Garden. This botanical garden is a green garden usually filled with flowers and plants of different kinds. The first floor of the main building houses a museum of rare and precious stones.

amazing eram garden

The next stop is Saadi's Tomb. Saadi is a legendary Persian poet whose poems all resemble his wisdom and profound vision of humanity. The tomb itself is a dome-shaped building decorated with his poems inscribed on the tiles around his grave. He is also famous for his old qanât. After we will have lunch.

famous persian poet

Then is The Tomb of Hafez which is a memorial built in the gardens of Musalla north of Shiraz. This Persian poet is a beloved figure in Persian literature and has been a great source of inspiration for young poets and its fascinating atmosphere has been attracting tourists for many years.

mausoleum of hafez in shiraz 


What a nice time to say goodbye!

In the end, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye. You will fly to Tehran at night and then to Tehran you will take the other one for your final destination aka home.

We wish you all the best and thank you for choosing us.



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